Our work focuses on a single question: how does social connection influence human well-being?

We are trying to understand how relationships help people face life’s challenges, why some communities foster stronger ties than others, and the optimal connection between public systems and civil society.

We work with innovators to test and scale new ideas to promote social connection and so improve public policy. We bring to the work a new way of thinking about social policy, one that encourages reflection about the way change is achieved, the way in which we learn, and the scope of our ambition for human development. We call this way of thinking Era 3.

We contribute to the broader conversation about relational social policy through the R Word and R Talks and, from time-to-time, by creating space for innovators to come together to share ideas. Our prospectus sets out our ambitions for the next decade. We work from Skipton in North Yorkshire and Somerset House in London.

Get in touch if you want to collaborate or contribute.

andrew@ratio.org.uk / rebeca@ratio.org.uk / michael@ratio.org.uk